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School hours: M,W,R,F: 8:10am-2:30pm; T: 8:10am-1:00pm

If your child is out/sick, call:
(781) 316-3790

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School Calendar

Principal's Update: Apr 12, 2018 Mark Twitter Account

Mark Your Calendars:
- Spring Break - April 16 - 20 / School Closed
- Monday, April 23rd - School Back in Session
- MCAS DATES - April 23rd -30th (ELA) - May 7th - 22nd
- Kindergarten Parent Orientation - Monday, May 14th @ 9:00am
- Principal Reads (Incoming Kindergarten) - Tuesday, May 22nd @ 1:30pm
- Kindergarten Conferences - May 23rd and 24th
- Kindergarten Screenings -Thursday and Friday, May 31st and June 1st
- Bishop's Field Day, Thursday, June 7th (Rain date, June 14th)
- 5th GRADE RECOGNITION DATE - Friday, June 15th @ 9:00am

April Break
It is my hope that you and the family are able to spend quality time together during the upcoming break. We look forward to seeing you back in school on the 23rd!

Staff Appreciation Week 9-13 April 2018
Staff Appreciation Week is almost over! This week the Bishop community has come together to express our thanks to our dedicated Bishop teachers and staff for all they do day in and day out for our kids!

Appreciation Postcards – Please ensure the post cards the students completed are brought back to Bishop by tomorrow. Your child may deliver it to their special someone or drop it in the box in the Main Office for delivery by the PTO.

Classroom Coverage Volunteers - Still missing coverage for a few classrooms. Help us allow teachers enjoy an extended lunch provided by the PTO on Friday. Watch your child’s class for about 20 minutes so that his or her teacher can enjoy an extended lunch provided by the PTO. Please use the link below to volunteer if you can help:

A couple of notes: We have renamed the week from “Teacher Appreciation” to “Staff Appreciation” to reflect how all of the staff at Bishop contribute to creating a caring community and engaging learning environment for our kids.
During National Teacher Appreciation Week in May, the PTO will provide a cake for the Bishop Staff.

School Arrival and Beginning of Instructional Time
School Arrival and Beginning of Instructional Time As we transition back to a normal, fair weather season, morning drop off procedure, it is important to note when instructional time starts at the Bishop. Instructional time starts at 8:15am every day. The 8:10 bell signals the entry into the classrooms to settle in and to begin morning work. It is imperative that all students are in the building at this time. Teachers will mark students tardy or absent at 8:20am.

MCAS Season Begins for Grades 3, 4, 5 (Schedule Link)
M-C-A-S. Four letters that can spell anxiety, both for parents and for students! These letters stand for Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. This letter offers tips for how parents can help prepare their children before MCAS testing and points to resources for more information. Assessments, like the MCAS tests measure how well students have learned the standards. They give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they know.

The results of the assessments are then used to guide school improvement efforts and to identify student needs and schools that need assistance. In other words, what students should know, what they are taught, and what they are tested on are all aligned, or linked. This approach to improving education is called “standardsbased reform.

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests
Parents and families can do several things to create a positive test-taking experience and help students prepare for tests. Here are some ideas: Make sure your child gets enough sleep, eats properly, and gets to school on time.

During test time, make this a special effort.
- Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ. No activity is linked to academic success as much as reading. Even the math portion of the MCAS uses word problems to test problem-solving ability.
- Write test dates on your home calendar. The MCAS test schedule is online atwww.doe.mass.edu/mcas/cal.html.
- Help your child practice MCAS test questions. Review the test together so you will all get familiar with the expectations. (Previous years’ MCAS tests are online at www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/testitems.html.)

- Make sure that your child is well rested and eats breakfast.
- See that your child arrives at school on time and is relaxed.
- Comfort counts. Send a sweater if it’s a cool day. Dress in layers for a warm day.
- Encourage your child to do the best work possible and to have a positive attitude.
- Encourage your child to listen/ read carefully to all test-taking directions and to ask questions if any directions are unclear.
- Remind your child not to get stuck on any one item.
- Encourage your child to check answers for accuracy if time permits.

To Reduce Test Anxiety
“Test anxiety” is worrying too much about doing well on a test. It can keep students from doing their best. Some ways to help reduce anxiety are:
- Talk about the test in a positive way.
- Encourage best efforts, yet have realistic expectations.
- Encourage your child to focus on his or her strengths, such as a good memory or strong analytical skills.
- Assure your child that the test is only one measure of academic performance.
- Emphasize that test scores do not determine a person’s worth.

Remember—you are very important to your child’s success in school and in life. Your interest and support let your child know you believe in him or her and that you value education. We hope these suggestions help you help your child be successful in school and in life.

The Bishop School's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a group of parents, teachers and community members that plans events throughout the year to both raise funds and support the Bishop School community. Last year, the PTO raised over $55,000 which funded school-wide enrichment programs, Bishop classrooms, teachers and administration, school improvement projects, and other community initiatives. We welcome anyone to join us, at our next meeting or by getting involved in any way you can.

Please visit our website by clicking Bishop PTO Website and join our Facebook page by clicking Bishop on Facebook for information about all our events, the enrichment calendar, and other initiatives.
Please join the Bishop PTO Facebook page -

Please Support the PTO Annual Fund
The PTO is asking for a donation of $125 per child for the 2017-2018 school year. Each year, the PTO fund enrichment programs and events to supplement your children's school experience as well as to foster a sense of community within the school. So far, we have reached 75% of our goal! Help us reach 100%!

What does this fee pay for?
The 2017-2018 contribution of $125 per child includes the $25 classroom donation (historically collected separately by room parents for each classroom), as well as $100 (annual fund donation) to cover various school-year enrichment activities, classroom expenses, and supplies. In an effort to simplify the various payments, the PTO will collect the single amount of $125. The PTO will fund the classroom activities (i.e. class parties, class gifts, etc.) through the annual fund. Look for a flyer in your child's backpack this week or logon to the PTO Website to make an online donation here. Thank you for your support!

Looking for a Rewarding Way to Be Involved in the Bishop Community?
There are 6 open PTO Executive Board positions for the 2018/19 school year:
- Co president
- Co treasurer
- Fundraising coordinator
- Communications coordinator
- Room Parent coordinator
- Recording Secretary

Participation in the PTO board is a great way to get to know the school, the staff, other families and the greater community. The current and outgoing board members would be happy to talk to anyone interested to give you a feel for what is involved. Please email Sarah for more information sarah.a.eastman@gmail.com.

Save the Date for the Annual Bishop Bear Fair
Saturday, May 19 (rain date, May 20)

Seeking Bear Fair Raffle Prize and Silent Auction Donations The Bear Fair Raffle is a significant contributor to our spring fundraising efforts. Bishop students sell tickets and everyone who buys a ticket is entered to win one of three prizes. If you have a bigger ticket item (such as sports team or concert tickets) that you would be willing to donate as a prize, we would greatly appreciate. (We purchase prizes otherwise.) Please reach out to Lindsey Baron at baron.lindsey@gmail.com.
In addition, we are looking for help soliciting for donations for our silent auction at the Bear Fair. Please contact Meredith DiMola at meredithdimola@gmail.com if you can lend a few minutes of your time to help. She has a list to work from. Thank you in advance for your support!

Spring cleaning? Have old stuff to donate? Bring it to the Used Goods Drop-Off!
What: Used Goods Drop-Off
When: Saturday, May 5, 9-2 pm (during the Annual Greg Wright Memorial Clean- Up Day)
Where: Bishop School parking lot, 25 Columbia Rd
Why: To benefit the Bishop School PTO!

Start your spring cleaning and donate your quality used goods to the Bishop Bear Fair's Used Goods Sale. We will accept donations of Books, Sporting Goods & Gear, Toys & Games, Baby Gear, Bicycles, Arts & Crafts, Household Goods, Knick-Knacks, and Jewelry. Bikes, trikes and strollers heartily welcome! Items need to be clean and in good condition. All donations will be sold at the Bishop Bear Fair Used Goods Sale in May. High value items will be sold on the Bishop School PTO’s eBay site.

How To Donate Used Goods!
1. Sort your stuff (Toys, Games, Household, Kitchen, Baby, Books, Random Stuff, etc.)
2. Box your stuff (Use boxes, not bags, so we can stack them in storage)
3. Label your boxes by category
4. Bring your boxes to the Drop-Off
5. Bring large items “as is” (i.e. bikes, strollers, small furniture, etc.)
6. Clothing and stuffed animals can be tossed directly in the new Textile Recycling bin!
7. Get a donation tax receipt from the Used Goods Team

Thank you for your Used Goods donations!
Donation tax receipts provided. All proceeds from the Bishop School Used Goods Sale benefit the Bishop School PTO, a non-profit organization. The Bishop School PTO funds enrichment, grants and teacher supplies for the Bishop School. Want to drop stuff off at a different time, or have any other Used Goods questions? Contact the Used Goods Sale Coordinators Amy Moyer at aewilliams@hotmail.comor Tricia See at tmaries@gmail.com.

Please Support the PTO Annual Fund
The PTO is asking for a donation of $125 per child for the 2017-2018 school year. Each year, the PTO fund enrichment programs and events to supplement your children's school experience as well as to foster a sense of community within the school. So far, we have reached 75% of our goal! Help us reach 100%!

What does this fee pay for?
The 2017-2018 contribution of $125 per child includes the $25 classroom donation (historically collected separately by room parents for each classroom), as well as $100 (annual fund donation) to cover various school-year enrichment activities, classroom expenses, and supplies. In an effort to simplify the various payments, the PTO will collect the single amount of $125. The PTO will fund the classroom activities (i.e. class parties, class gifts, etc.) through the annual fund. Look for a flyer in your child's backpack this week or logon to the PTO Website to make an online donation here. Thank you for your support!

Enrichment Update
Friday, April 13
Mass Kemp Harris Storyteller visit for Kindergarten and 1st grade Students from Kindergarten and 1st grade will gather for grade-level assemblies featuring traditional and original stories and interactive songs to support social studies and literacy.

Thursday, May 3
Museum of Science -States of Matter for 5th grade (reschedule due to snow) Students will observe how solids, liquids, and gases change phases and properties when subjected to changes in energy, and learn how to define the states of matter. Our demonstrations involve extremely cold liquid nitrogen. Students will see balloons shrink, metal melt before their eyes, and a piece of paper set on fire using only water!

Thursday & Friday, May 10 and May 11
Mass Audubon/Habitat, Soil Decomposers -sessions for 1st grade classes Students will find out more about soil and meet the decomposers - the organisms that transform dead leaves, logs, and other organic matter into soil. Small animal visitors are part of this hands-on, interactive program. Each 1st grade class of students will learn in small groups at three different stations.

Friday, May 18
New England Aquarium, Engineering & Erosion -sessions for 4th grade classes Each 4th grade class will participate in a session in which students will address the issues of local coastal erosion through the engineering design process, with an emphasis on communication and collaboration. Students will work as teams employing engineering design to plan, test, and present their solutions to limit the erosion of sand from their own section of simulated sandy coastline.

Wednesday, May 23
Poet David Zucker -grade-level assembly for 2nd grade Poetry comes to life in David Zucker’s masterful performance of acting, mime, vocal gymnastics, humor, audience participation, and a trunk full of costumes, puppets, and props. David’s irresistible cast of characters, recreated from the poems by A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley, are not to be missed. Tuesday, May 29 OR Wednesday, May 30 (final date confirmed in the next update)

Theatre Espresso, Uprising on King Street - grade-level performance for 5th grade The 5th graders from Bishop and Stratton will gather at Stratton for a performance by Theatre Espresso. Students will learn about the circumstances that led to the Boston Massacre through a recreation of the trial of Captain Preston (the British commanding officer of the British soldiers who fired upon and killed 5 colonist protestors). In roles as jurors, students will explore the events of the Boston Massacre through the eyes of ordinary men and women who were both shaped by, and instrumental in shaping, history.

Wednesday, May 30
Discovery Museum - Force & Motion - sessions for Kindergarten classes What makes an object move? Can we control the movement? Does the strength of a push or pull have an effect? How about the direction of the push or pull? What happens when objects move past each other or collide? Each kindergarten class will explore concepts of force and motion while interacting with a variety of toys, balls and vehicles in an hour-long session.

Wednesday, June 13 (tentative date)
Odaiko New England- Taiko Thunder - All-School assemblies Odaiko New England demonstrates the ancient art form of taiko (Japanese drumming) and its importance in Japanese culture. This energetic and engaging program highlights kumi-daiko (ensemble drumming) and combines traditional taiko rhythms with dynamic movement and rhythms from other musical traditions. Students explore kata (drumming technique) and the concept of kiai (vocalizing energy), and also join the performers on stage to play the taiko drums. There will be two assemblies (k-2, 3-5).

The Garden and Compost Team needs parent volunteers!
Beginning April 25, on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-11:30 we have Open Garden in our outdoor classroom. Open Garden is a time when Abigail, the school's garden educator, is in the school garden working with students on various garden activities (watering, harvesting, planting, etc.) Students can choose to participate in Open Garden activities during their morning recess period. Parents and caretakers are invited to help the garden educator lead these informal activities. It is a great way to get involved with the school and to learn about gardening in the process. You can sign up for one or multiple days at our sign-up genius page: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0549afad28a4fe3-spring3 If you are interested in volunteering with the garden and compost team at other times, please contact the garden support team at bishopgardenandcompost@gmail.com. In addition to volunteering at Open Garden during school hours, you can join the garden maintenance crew or adopt a bed over the summer.

Attention 2nd Grade Families
Each month, the Bishop community has been helping stock the shelves of the Arlington Food Pantry and April is your turn! Please, if you are able, help overflow the bins in the Bishop front lobby, so we can generously support neighbors with food insecurity. From their website: www.arlingtonfoodpantry.org , "The Arlington Food Pantry is dedicated to eliminating food insecurity by providing nutritious and culturally appropriate food in a respectful and compassionate manner to any Arlington resident in need". They also accept monetary donations, volunteers, and are open to all Arlington residents. Your food pantry coordinators, Sarah Popper and Julie Kahn Schaye, will pick up the bins at the end of April and deliver to the pantry. As always, all community members are welcome to donate throughout the year. Thank you!

Upcoming Events
April 9-13 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 5 Annual Greg Wright Clean-up Day
May 13 Cause + Event Race
May 19 Bear Fair (rain date, May 20)
June 15 5th Grade Recognition

Community News
Interested in Getting Information to the Bishop Community?
Information that you’d like to share with the Bishop community can be included in the weekly Principal’s Update. Please email the relevant information to Sheelagh Stirling (Communications Coordinator, Bishop PTO) at sheelaghstirling@yahoo.com.

Arlington Eats
Arlington EATS will again be hosting April Vacation lunches for any APS students (and their families*) interested in joining us for community meals. This year, Beaujolais Catering, Whole Foods Arlington and Blue Ribbon BBQ will be very generously donating food. Yum!

Lunches will be served at 12PM each day April 17-20 in the Thompson School cafeteria (187 Everett Street, Arlington, MA)
Tuesday, April 17 Blue Ribbon BBQ
Wednesday, April 18 Sandwiches (turkey, roast beef), salad, and fruit salad
Thursday, April 19 Beaujolais Catering - American Chop Suey
Friday, April 20 Whole Foods Pizza
*A maximum of two adults are welcome to attend with their children. Parents/Guardians of students are not required to attend, but are welcome. There will be supervision provided.
Join us at the Table: We are a group of local parents, teachers and volunteers who believe that no child in Arlington should be hungry. Our approach to Arlington EATS is welcoming, participatory and respectful. Whether you have a few dollars to spare, a few hours, or talent to share, we welcome you to the table.
· To get food assistance: http://goo.gl/forms/wuAm9b27uF
· To donate: http://www.arlington-eats.org/donate/
· To get involved: http://www.arlington-eats.org/volunteer
· To follow along: www.facebook.com/Arlington.EATS
· To contact: info@arlington-eats.org

Children's Learning and Development Opportunity
The Cognitive Neuroscience Group at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston is recruiting children who are (or are soon turning) 8 or 10 years old to participate in a research study funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This is a longitudinal study that follows children over a period of 3 consecutive years. Our goal is to improve understanding of learning in children. The study consists of 1 in-person visit (about 2.5 hours) per year for 3 years (weekdays/weekends). During this visit, children play several games on the computer and complete several language/memory tasks. The lab visit includes safe and noninvasive EEG recording. The day after the visit, kids complete a quick follow-up task from a home/library computer. Payment is $60 per year. We provide free all day parking at the Navy Yard. Please email us atcnglead@mghihp.edu or call us at (617) 643-4821 if you are interested or if you have any questions. More information can be found
at: https://clinicaltrials.partners.org/study/feedback_learning

Donations needed for the Children and Young Adult Book Sale at the Robbins
Book and media donations are needed for the Friends of the Robbins Library’s annual Children and Young Adult Book Sale on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00 to 2:00 pm in the Robbins Library Community Room. Donations can be dropped off at the Robbins Library now. Look for the big blue bin near the Circulation Desk of the Robbins.
Support Arlington’s libraries by purchasing children’s and teen books, movies, and music at the Sale. There will be craft activities to keep children occupied as parents search for books. Teens interested in sorting books and organizing prior to the Sale as well as helping out on the day of the Sale please contact Amy McElroy (ae65@verizon.net; 781-648-4109); Community Service hours may be earned.

All School Textile Recycling Competition
MONDAY, April 23 - FRIDAY, April 27: All Schools will be competing to collect the most textiles during the competition week and to win a prize and town recognition!
Can Bishop match or collect more than the 566.4 lbs of textiles donated last year? Drop off your textiles (all old, worn, torn clothes, shoes, bedding, stuffed animals, etc) to the Bay State Textiles collection bin outside your school from April 23rd - April 27th.
Here is more information about textile recycling and why it's important:
https://www.smartasn.org/SMARTASN/assets/File/resources/SMARTInfograp hTextileRecycling.pdf
https://www.smartasn.org/SMARTASN/assets/File/resources/SMARTDoubleL ifeofRecycledTextiles.pdf
For questions about the competition, you can contact Rachel Oliveri, School Sustainability Coordinator, at roliveri@arlington.k12.ma.us.

Dallin Elementary School Auction
Looking for a fun evening out? Come to the Dallin Elementary School Auction at Town Hall on Friday, April 27th, 7-11pm. We have so many great auction items this year. Beverages and bidding all to benefit the Dallin PTO. Always a great evening! You can purchase tickets online at
https://www.auctria.com/Az/e293c816-d892-4006-bc5a- 29fadef3462e/Event/Index?page=f0163e83-aa3f-4ee5-8111- f796e10b3f69&initial_state=~()or by mailing in a check with the ticket form available on http://dallinpto.org. Questions about the event can be directed to: DallinSchoolAuction@gmail.com

Newton Area Flag Football League (NAFFL)
The season begins May 6 at Daly Field on Nonantum Road. Games take less than one hour and are held on Sunday afternoons between 2 and 7 pm; all games are coached, refereed and scored. Registration guarantees each player 8 games, including playoffs. Divisions are available for kids ages 5 - 13.
As Newton parents and community members we believe NAFFL offers the following:
· a safe environment and sport
· respect for rules
· fun while still being competitive
· boosts confidence
· perseverance
· builds community
· weekly exercise
· an understanding of the importance of playing/working together as a team
· good sportsmanship
For more information: https://www.newtonareaflagfoot ball.com

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