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Administration: Goals


Overarching goals provide a broad vision for the school district, are strategic in nature, define the district’s hopes and dreams for its students, articulate the district’s top priorities, and generally are achievable within a ten-year period. Overarching goals guide the development of Annual District Goals developed by the Superintendent and approved each fall by the School Committee.

Goal One – Student Achievement

The Arlington Public Schools will ensure that every graduate is prepared to enter and complete a post-secondary degree program, pursue a career, and be an active citizen in an ever-changing world by offering a rigorous, comprehensive, standards-based and data-driven K-12 system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment that integrates social, emotional and wellness support.

Goal Two – Staff Excellence and Professional Development

The Arlington Public Schools will recruit, hire, retain, and build the capacity of a diverse staff to be excellent teachers and administrators by providing high quality professional development aligned to needs, instructional support, coaching, and an evaluation framework that fosters continuous improvement.

Goal Three – Resources, Infrastructure and Educational Environment

The Arlington Public Schools will offer a cost effective education that maximizes taxpayer dollars and utilizes best practices, academic research, and rigorous self-evaluation to provide students and staff the resources, materials and infrastructure required for optimum teaching and learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Goal Four - Operations, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

The Arlington Public Schools will be run smoothly, efficiently and professionally. The district will operate transparently and engage in effective collaboration and responsive communication with all stakeholders. It will provide timely, accurate data to support financial decision-making, envisioning of the district's future, and long-range planning in partnership with other Town officials. Through these actions it will create broad support for a high quality education system, that is the community’s most valuable asset.

The goals shall be revised from time to time by the School Committee to reflect the changing strategies of the Arlington Public Schools.


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