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Assistive Technology: Student Needs
Funded by a Massachusetts Department of Education Assistive Technology Grant.

After evaluating a student's present level of educational performance, if you are concerned that the student may need assistive technology to help meet any of his/her goals in a particular area, you may want to try some of the following tools/strategies. (Please note that in some cases, specific products are not indicated as there are numerous products available.) These considerations are listed in order from low to mid to high-tech


Student Need Solution/Strategy
Print a picture schedule
Aids to find materials
Highlight text
Record material
Voice output reminders
Electronic organizers
  • Various
Software for concept development
Software for organization of ideas


Student Need Solution/Strategy
Math line tapes or stamps
Math grid work sheets
Money calculator
Tactile measuring devices
Talking clock
Talking calculator
Alternative keyboard
Math software

 Motor Aspects of Writing

Student Need Solution/Strategy
Variety of pencils/pens
Pencil/pen with adaptive grip
Raised line paper
Talking calculator
Computer with word processing

 Computer Access

Student Need Solution/Strategy
Keyboard with accessibility options
  • Training available at AT Center
Word Prediction Software
Key guard
  • Adaptable on computer
  • training available at AT Center
Track ball / Joystick
Alternative keyboard
Touch Screen

 Composing Written Material

Student Need Solution/Strategy
Word cards/book/wall
Writing templates
Electronic/talking spell checker and dictionary
Word processing w/spell checker
  • Available on all computers
  • Training available at AT Center
Talking Word Processor


Student Need Solution/Strategy
Communication Board with pictures, words, objects
Speaking Dynamically Pro
Voice output devices


Student Need Solution/Strategy
Magnifiers, page holder
Modify Diginal text
  • Training available at AT center
Scanner with OCR and Talking Word Processor
Electronic books

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