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Assistive Technology: On-Line Resources
Funded by a Massachusetts Department of Education Assistive Technology Grant.

Access Devices

7 Resources

portable keyboard that enables practice of keyboarding, note taking, and writing. Text can be transferred to a computer for formatting, or directly to a printer.

A programmable alternative keyboard that enables students with physical, visual or cognitive disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands.

Can be attached to any whiteboard. Everything you write or draw is captured electronically. Notes can be saved to a computer and printed out or saved as html files and published on the web.

Move N Sit Cushion
These air cushions facilitate dynamic sitting by incorporating movement with conventional seating. They provide tactile input, and have a calming/focusing effect for many children.

Overlay Maker
Create custom overlays by creating keys of any size and location. Once the overlay is designed, decide what each key will do by typing the simple keystroke commands.

Allows students to select and move objects, operate pull-down menus, and draw graphics, all with the touch of a finger.

Zoom Caps
Used for student with learning disabilities and/or visual impairments. These stick on keyboard labels feature large print alphabetic and numeric characters with high contrast colors.


5 Resources

A graphics database containing over 3,000-picture communication symbols. Use this program to make worksheets, picture instruction sheets, reading books, journals & communication boards.

Communication Builder
Equipped with 5 easy to change frames, allowing user to refine communication choices as the child develops new skills. Record messages for up to 75 seconds.

Speaking Dynamically Pro
This speech output communication software is designed to make it easy to customize dynamic communication boards. Start from scratch or use over 90 ready-made samples

Text Readers
A free text-to-speech software program

The Guide to AT experiences CD-ROM explores assistive technology as it is employed successfully by those individuals who use it in their daily lives.

Curriculum Access

9 Resources

Co-Writer 4000






Scan and Read Lite

Time Timer



12 Resources

Assistive Technology training On-Line Project

AT Network (CA)

Book of Possibilities
Features a general information section about what simple technology is and how to use it. Easy to follow instructions, clear examples, and simple equipment lists provides easy-to-use ways to include students in a variety of math, science, language arts, social studies, spelling, and reading activities.

Closing The Gap
Searchable database of AT, plus articles from their newsletters

ConnSense Bulletin

Disability Information and Resources (Jim Lubin)

Exceptional Computing

Family Center on Technology & Disability
Extensive AT resources reviews, user-friendly resource library.

LD Online

LD Resources

The Resource Room

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative
Assessment forms, updates, information, and best practices.

Tutorials and Lesson Plans

5 Resources

Co:Writer 4000
Apply features of this word prediction program designed to speed up and enhance writing activities

Is a full featured talking word processor that allows you to combine graphics, text, and speech to enhance writing and communication skills.

Overlay Maker
Learn to create your own customized overlays for classroom activities for IntelliKeys with photos, graphics, and text.

This word processor speaks letters, words, sentences, or any combination of the three. Use it for writing and reading activities.

Writing with Symbols
A weekly publication illustrated with line-drawn pictures. Receive a total of 12-16 pages weekly including 4-5 pages of current events, a recipe, a joke, activity page and more. All pages relate to the weekly lead story. Subscribers will receive the capacity to create additional personalized pages for each weekÕs paper.


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