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Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness Checklist for Parents

Information for Parents

Arlington Public Schools Recorded Information Line


Information for Parents

What parents and guardians should do to prepare for a school emergency

Student/Family Reunification Procedures Following a School-Based Emergency

Bullying and Harassment

What is bullying? Any written or verbal expression, or physical acts or gestures, directed at another person(s) to intimidate, frighten, ridicule, humiliate, or cause harm to the other person, where the conduct is not related to the person's membership in a protected class (e.g., race, sex). Bullying may include, but is not limited to, repeated taunting, threats of harm, verbal or physical intimidation, cyber-bullying through e-mails, instant messages, or websites, pushing, kicking, hitting, spitting, or taking or damaging another's personal property. Bullying behavior may also constitute a crime.

Be sure to check out the resources page for links to help on bullying and cyber bullying.

How can I tell if my child is being bullied?

If your child shows several of these warning signs, it's possible he or she is being bullied. You may want to talk with your child to find out what is troubling him or her, and schedule a conference to discuss your concerns with school staff.

Talking with Your Child About Bullying

Counseling & Mental Health

A traumatic event such as a family, school, or community emergency can be overwhelming for those who experience it. A traumatic event often leaves a person feeling vulnerable or helpless. Arlington Public Schools has experienced psychologists and mental health professionals who can provide assistance.

Check out the resources page for links to information on counseling and mental health services.