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Information to Know


Arlington SEPAC is here to help parents/guardians with children having difficulties in school.  Children with special needs cover the gamut from small accommodations to addressing complex disabilities.  


Parents can sometimes be affected by what psychologists term “the grief cycle” on receiving a diagnosis suggesting that you are coming to terms with the loss of the child you thought you would have.  This is not really a fair assessment.  No parent who has lost a child, after coming to terms with the situation, has ever said, the experience made them a better person; many with children with a disability have.


While denial, anger, bargaining, depression are all a part of this cycle, acceptance, gratefulness and the need to “give back” by helping other parents are also commonly reported.  If the initial stages begin to take their toll reach out to other parents in your situation, many have been in your shoes.  You cannot help your child until you help yourself.


It is highly recommended you join a support group for parents of children with your child’s specific disability.  Aside from moral support it can be a great source for information on how laws relate to your child’s specific disability as well as discovering more about their symptomology and interventions that work.


To effectively play a part in your child’s progress you will need to focus on the following:


  1. Learn the Law – Federal, State, & Technical Advisories
  2. Learn the Disability – Understand all the potential difficulties(symptoms) of your child’s specific disability so you can recognize where they need help.
  3. Learn the Therapies – Speech Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral, etc. and their potential for helping your child.    
  4. Learn your Child – Identify their lacking/impaired skills.
  5. Learn the Interventions - Identify which research based methodologies and compensation strategies work for your child.




Parent Training


Parents need to be aware that under IDEA parent training in their child’s disability is a related service that should be considered in an IEP.


Additionally, there are numerous learning opportunities to expand on this knowledge throughout the area. We try to list as much information as possible on our front page.  There is a yearly grant available at the Council for Empowerment Fund Program to give parents a small reimbursement to help defray the costs of workshops and trainings.


District Directories


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Bullying is an area of exceptional interest to the special needs parent, see our current listing of links here.  


Help Us Help Others


You are our best resource for learning about new sites that will help others.  If you have information on any particular disability we will happily expand that area of the website just contact the webmaster.





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Questions about  financing of care for children and youth with special health needs:


Family-to-Family Health Information Center


Help for families to understand the different options for help with coverage of bills, co-pays and premium payments.


Families can reach the Family-to-Family Health Information Center at

1-800-331-0688, ext. 301.


Beth Dworetzky and Bonnie Thompson




The Medicaid Reference Desk


The Medicaid Reference Desk is a tool to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find out what Medicaid can offer them.

Arlingtonsped  On-line Support  

An Arlington parent has owned, managed and moderated an independent listserv for many years.  It was created to offer support and discussion to parents/guardians of children in Arlington Special Education.  


Membership is at the sole discretion of the owner.  The list is not affiliated with SEPAC.

To request to join the listserv send an email with your name and child’s school to:






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