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Dear Stratton Community: I'm sure I'm expressing an understatement that this snow has been a challenge! Although the school has held together well, especially through the dedication of our custodial and maintenance staff, the storm has revealed some of the building challenges that warrant the rebuild project that is on the horizon. Here are some updates on the project to this point: - As has been the case all along, we are anticipating the project beginning Summer, 2016 - that's not this Summer, but the one following. The Building Committee is planning for a full academic year for the project to be completed, so we would enter the renovated space in September, 2017. - The plan includes renovation of many elements of the Stratton building, but with the most significant space redesign to the cafeteria serving area and kitchen, the library, lower gym, nurse and social worker space. - The temporary Stratton location(s) for students will be determined in advance of Annual Town Meeting on April 27th. - Dr. Bodie and I met with A Place To Grow (APTG) earlier this year. We are all strongly committed to ensure after school programming for all students who are currently served by APTG throughout the duration of the building project, regardless of temporary locations. APTG is a vital part of Stratton School. I will update the school community as frequently as possible through the PTO Newsletter Look for updates there and in direct emails to families as more information becomes available. Very much looking forward to a full week of school! Mr. Hanna


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