Principal's News

Dear Stratton Families:

I hope everyone had a restful and fun holiday weekend; our family certainly did!

We have only 17 school days in December before another break. Students will of course be excited about the vacation, increasing in excitement as the month goes on. Faculty and I tend to spend time now reminding students of rules and routines, before they begin to forget! It also helps to let them talk about their excitement, plans and expectations, and then transition to academic time. For faculty there is the additional challenge of completing progress reports to you on time for conferences. These conferences can be a very effective way to enhance your child's experience at Stratton. As many of you know, faculty often offer to begin the conference with your questions or interests. If you can spend a moment reflecting on what you'd like to discuss before the conference, it often helps make the conference more helpful to you, the teacher and student.

On another note, for those experiencing the Stratton holiday concert for the first time, it is scheduled to begin at 9am on December 16th at Town Hall, and runs between an 60-90 minutes. Carpooling is STRONGLY encouraged!

Mr. Hanna


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