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Dear Stratton Community: Our grade 3-5 students are in the middle of Math and Science MCAS administration. It seems to be a good time to put the test and the results in perspective. We are consistently pleased that our students score well on the MCAS because it gives some evidence that our curriculum, instruction and intervention systems are aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks, which in turn are aligned with the Common Core. We also consider other evidence of learning, such as local assessments, writing samples, artifacts of thinking like notes and charts, verbal evidence (what students say and how they say it) and student behaviors (what they do, and how they do it). The Common Core responds to the need of 21st century citizens to be excellent communicators, critical and creative thinkers, and collaborative problem solvers. It is exciting to imagine a statewide assessment that will closely assess these capacities, and our effectiveness in fostering them in students. In the meantime, grade 3-5 parents, please encourage good sleep, good play and good food even more this week than usual! Mr. Hanna


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Stratton Building Project Update:

Stratton Building Advisory Group update Our parent advisory group is formed, and our meetings are scheduled! We will meet May 27th and June 24th. Our agenda so far will include after school care, safety and health (nurse staffing), specials, maintaining community and modulars. I will pass along minutes from the meeting as soon as possible after the fact. Thanks very much to parents who have volunteered to participate!

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