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October 20, 2014

Dear Stratton Families:

As we get past the 6-week mark of the school year, Stratton School is getting increasingly committed to the work we do around PRIDE. This morning, students were able to hear all of the examples of Perseverance that they logged over the past couple weeks, and watch the following film clip:

Students also watched, practiced, and committed to responding to teacher and peer greetings in the morning. We will all work on looking up to a greeting, meeting it with eye contact, and responding in kind. As one practitioner posted on a Responsive Classroom blog:

Given that we all have lives outside school, it can be tough to predict what kind of mood students will arrive in. Some may have missed breakfast. Some may have been hurried or had an otherwise challenging morning. That's why greeting each one at the door is so important. I've found that a simple and heartfelt greeting…has a positive effect on any scenario that may have left a student feeling a bit upset or grumpy.

Occasionally, in this post from the PTO and on our website, I will let you know what we worked on in PRIDE so you can continue the conversation at home. Please let me know what your child thinks of the work that we’re doing to make Stratton the most positive and productive school we can!

Have a nice week,

Mr. Hanna


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