Principal's News

September 29, 2014


Dear Stratton families: This week, Stratton School will host its annual curriculum night. As a parent, I always appreciate and am grateful for this evening in the beginning of the school year to get to know my children's teachers, and get a feel for the environment where they spend most of their day. There is research to show a correlation between a strong school-home connection and high student achievement. Teachers very much enjoy the opportunity to present their work to all of you.


Some faculty will be experimenting with a "flipped" format, where the PowerPoint slides or other presentation materials have gone home already, and the meeting is an opportunity for conversation and collaboration. Some grades are also meeting with all classrooms' families at once, since students will be working with all the teachers across the grade at different times, depending on what the data tells us each child needs.


Please feel free to provide feedback on these innovations in presentation format. I can speak for the faculty in saying that we are always trying to serve you and your family in the best way we can. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday evening!


Mr. Hanna


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