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Dear Stratton Community: I have just returned from Menotomy preschool, visiting with future Stratton students as part of the beginning of our placement process for next year. Stratton faculty will begin soon this very thoughtful process, as they do every year. There will be an opportunity a little later for you to write your thoughts and reflections to the teachers to aid in the process. There are many considerations for teachers, including academic achievement, where the children are in their social-emotional development, and preferred peer connections. Having even one year getting to know your students allows us to do this very thoughtfully. We should be sending home that form for your input in a few weeks – please take a moment to fill it out and return! Mr. Hanna


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Building Updates

Stratton Building Project Update:

Please plan to attend the Stratton PTO meeting on April 1st at 7pm. Superintendent Bodie will be available to discuss the project, and receive your input. In addition, I will be meeting again with the A Place to Grow site coordinator this week to make sure they have had a chance to articulate concerns and ideas around the project before we begin the more formal committee meetings.

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