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A school is a very busy place! This truism is all the more apparent at this time of year. There are, of course, MCAS tests happening in grades 3–5. Our instruction is always anchored to the Massachusetts Frameworks, but this time of year there is necessarily the push to include any bits that may not have made it into instruction quite yet. Then there is the busy energy of actually administering the tests. Many classrooms have end-of-the-year exhibitions. I have enjoyed these very much, and I know parents have, too, but there is significant preparation time associated with exhibitions, from students and teachers. There was a wonderful spring concert to prepare for. There are many end-of-the-year preparations to be thinking about, especially this year as Stratton will say good-bye to Thompson, and so maybe move classrooms around (again!). There are student classroom placements to think about. Finally, all of our faculty want every student to finish strong, and so will be spending extra time and attention on their assessment data, and instruction in response to that. And if you think summer is simply vacation time for faculty, swing by to see what a busy place Stratton stays ALL summer! It is a good thing to remember in such a busy time in such a busy place that learning often requires getting away from “busy.” John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” In other words, it is not from simply “getting through” a lesson or an experience that children will learn something, but from going back, turning it over, and making it their own. Reflection requires time and space set aside. In Stratton School, we strive to include reflection in all of our lessons. I try to include reflection in my parenting. Sometimes, it just means NOT saying something, even if you feel that you’ve got the right thing to say! The 21st century/internet age will be friendly to those who can direct their own learning, and so to those who can be reflective. It seems ironic that our fast, connected world will be best negotiated by those who know how and when to slow down, and reflect! This time of year seems a very good time to try and do just that. Mr. Hanna


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