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Dear Stratton Community: 5th grade has only 12 ½ days after today as Stratton students! Moving on for the last grade in a school is always bittersweet. It may not be known that it is increasingly rare to have K-5 neighborhood schools. It means that children who start together in Kindergarten learn with the same 70 (approx..) friends for 6 years! This is something to remember for all students. At a school of this size, children have the chance to develop long term, deeper friendships with one another, which means that they are seen and understood by their peers in a way not possible in larger schools. But this requires extra patience! As we anticipate new classroom communities being built for next year, it is important to remember that all children have an advantage and a challenge by having peers with them that they have worked with already. Acceptance, tolerance and open-mindedness are the challenging character traits that are able to be learned when students meet a peer again in a class who was challenging to work with before. For our 5th grade students moving on, they get to work on making new friendships with a larger group of peers. They will certainly apply all the PRIDE lessons learned at Stratton – I look forward to hearing of their great beginnings! Mr. Hanna


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Stratton Building Project Update:

Stratton Building Advisory Group update All families received an email with the minutes from the first parent advisory group meeting. We are looking forward to our next meeting to take place at Ottoson Middle School on June 22nd. If you did not receive a copy of the minutes, and would like to get one, please email Mr. Hanna, and he’ll send one to you. On the agenda for our next meeting is an update on ‘when we’ll know’ dates, APTG, “folding together” students from Stratton with host schools (or not), and maintaining community during the move year. If you have other agenda items you’d like us to focus on, please connect with your grade level representative.

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