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September 23, 2014


Dear Stratton Families: September is here, and Stratton School is going strong!


Our launch to the year went very well. We have a few new faces on the faculty, and a large number of new families at Stratton. I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know about our goals as a school, which correlates to the goals of the Arlington School District:


Instruction that goes ‘deeper’. In the language of the district goals, Stratton School will be working hard on instruction that “will emphasize inquiry and experiential learning in order to promote student engagement and a deeper understanding of the curriculum.” This means learning that connects more to the world, offers students choice and collaboration opportunities.


In addition, “students will receive increased support for their social-emotional needs in recognition of the interconnection between the social-emotional needs of students and the academic challenges of the curriculum.” Student achievement increases when there is are high expectations for the quality of the social climate; when we include teaching and supporting emotional intelligence, we improve the conditions necessary for high student achievement.


Finally, “administrators and teachers will be provided professional development and planning time to be able to systematically and routinely use data to guide instructional decisions and meet students’ learning needs.” We are meeting this week to review initial data on student achievement levels, and will have more resource support than ever to monitor progress, and customize instruction.


These are ambitious goals, but I know that the faculty and staff of Stratton School are up for it, as they always have been. I am sure that we will continue to be leaders in the district for our faculty’s perseverance and innovation. Please give me a call or email with any questions about our goals this year. You should see these priorities discussed and presented on Curriculum Night on the 30th of September. I’ll see you then!


Mr. Hanna


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