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Dear Stratton Community: Spring in schools always begins considerations of the next academic year. I try to lead faculty at this time around spending some time reflecting first before making plans for the next year. It is an effort we often don't feel we have the time for. But reflecting is the only path to deep learning. So faculty and I are engaged in scrolling back through the year, noting successes and continued challenges, with the intention of creating school and individual goals that are a product of that reflection. I would encourage students and their parents to do the same. There is impact in having even one conversation that is reflective. Parents might ask, "what are you proud of from this year? what surprised you? what do you hope you'll experience more of next year? less of? what do you think your work will look like at the end of NEXT school year?" We will be considering the character trait of being Empowered in May. This sort of reflective activity is one of the most empowering things we can do for our children.


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Stratton Building Project Update:

Many parents responded to my invitation to participate in the Stratton Building Project Parent Advisory Group. This is one last invitation for those who did not have a chance to respond before the break. I plan to meet with parents once per month to discuss areas of interest and concern around the Stratton Building Project, in order to more effectively integrate parent input into the planning and implementation of the project. Please consider participating. If there is more than one volunteer from a given grade level, we will choose one randomly. I hope to begin these meetings in a couple weeks. I will write next week to notify families who the representatives will be, and when our first meeting will take place. We will also turn out minutes of all meetings to the whole Stratton Community.

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