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Course Descriptions - Grade 7


Course Description: This course focused on the central questions pertinent to the seventh grader's life. We focus on examination of how literary characters and people change as they respond to their worlds as well as how the choices our students make in seventh grade change that they are. Students read various genres including: poetry, drama, nonfiction, the short story and the novel from classic and contemporary canons. While reading, students utilize various pre, during and post reading strategies such as previewing the text, predicting, visualizing, monitoring and self-correcting, skimming and scanning, Think, pair/share, KWL, note-taking and re-reading texts and drawing inferences. Students will learn how to look for evidence and note an author's style, tone and emphasis. Focus on understanding and application of literary, poetic and rhetorical vocabulary is also part of the seventh grade year. Grammar instruction focuses on reviewing the parts of speech and basic rules of punctuation while students learn a variety of ways to combine sentences to form compound, complex, and compound-complex- sentences. Students learn to write fully developed paragraphs supporting detailed topic sentences and extend this knowledge into the five/six paragraph essay. Student master the steps of process writing: pre-writing, drafting, writing, editing, revising and publishing and understand how to translate these processes into timed writing or "writing on demand." Throughout the year, students learn how to take part in a class discussion, listen effectively and speak in public. With teacher guidance and support, each student maintains an in-class writing portfolio in which expository, personal and creative writing assignments are stored, reflected upon and used as a springboard for writing growth. The portfolio is shared in parent conferences and is sent home at the close of the school year.

Essential Questions:

  • How do characters and people change as they respond to their world?
  • How do the choices we make in seventh grade change that we are?

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