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Course Descriptions - Grade 10


Course Description: This course will examine literary texts that focus on issues of the individual, family, integrity and power. Students will improve their skills in writing analytically about literature and continue to develop their language sense in the areas of grammar and vocabulary. Students will prepare for the MCAS English Language Arts examination by writing on demand and maintaining a portfolio of their written work, and moving beyond the five-paragraph essay in their writing. Students will reflect on their own writing and learn from the writing process; they will also learn more about their own writing progress in individual writing conferences. Students will gain confidence as speakers by presenting their own work and participating in performed poetry and drama. They will mature as communicators and members of the school community by working in groups and teams on a routine basis. Finally, students will self-evaluate frequently and monitor their progress as readers and writers.

Essential Question:

  • How does an individual maintain integrity in society?

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