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Teaching & Learning: Curriculum - English Language Learners


Curriculum Development


  • The district's grouping of students ensures that *LEP students receive effective content instruction at appropriate academic levels that is based on the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks.

  • The district ensures that LEP students are taught to the same academic standards and curriculum frameworks as all students, and provides the same opportunities to master such standards and frameworks as other students, including the opportunity to enter academically advanced classes, receive credit for work done and have access to the full range of programs.

  • The district uses content objectives that are based on the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks in English language arts, history and social science, mathematics and science and technology/engineering, taught by qualified staff members. Language objectives are also based on the Massachusetts English language arts standards, and those standards contained in the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes.

* LEP= Limited English Proficient= ELL

Source= Massachusetts Department of Education- Compliance Documentation


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