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Course Descriptions - Design


Course Description: Explore the art of fashion design and focus on its powerful influence on you. We will study design, style, color, construction techniques and fabrics. Find out how technology has influenced the fashion industry. Discover the designer in you and use basic elements of design and construction to create your own fashion wear and accessories. You will also investigate career options in the field of fashion.

Essential Questions

  • How does history and environment influence fashion design?
  • How does studying the art of fashion promote the development of creative, perceptual, expressive, and analytical skills?
  • How is the art of fashion and beauty portrayed in various cultures and societies?
  • How does the media and the merchandising of fashion influence self image, clothing and product selection, and fashion trends?
  • How can you recognize quality in fashion wear?
  • What talents, skills, and education are necessary to pursue a career in fashion?

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