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Early Childhood Education


Course Description: Although all students are welcome, this elective is especially designed for students who are interested in pursuing early childhood or elementary school based careers. Students study the development of children under age 5 with a strong focus on early childhood curriculum and programs. The study of children is accomplished through class readings and discussions, research projects, observations in early childhood programs, media presentations, and hands-on experience working with three and four year old children in Menotomy Preschool. Students apply their knowledge of developmentally appropriate activities for young children by planning, implementing, and evaluating activities for the preschool children.

Essential Questions

  • In what ways do children under the age of 5 grow and develop?
  • What do observations of children teach us?
  • How do we provide safe and healthy environments for children?
  • What is acceptable and normal behavior for young children?
  • How does curriculum support learning?
  • How do children learn?
  • What is quality childcare?
  • How do special needs impact education?

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