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Early Childhood Education


Course Description: This course is for students who have already taken Early Childhood Education I and II and are ready for considerable responsibility applying and practicing teaching skills in the preschool on a regular basis. Students will experience the fun and challenge of working with three and four year old children in the Menotomy Preschool Program. They will become involved in all aspects of preschool teaching including planning and implementing activities with the children, interacting with them, and supervising and ensuring their safety. This is a course that is especially valuable for students who are planning to enter the field of childcare; it provided an invaluable opportunity for first-hand experience in teaching. Students who complete pre-requisite courses and the practicum are eligible for EEC (Early Education and Care) certification.

Essential Questions

  • How do special needs impact children?
  • How do special needs impact children?
  • What do observations of children teach us?
  • How do we provide safe and healthy environments for children?
  • What is acceptable and normal behavior for young children?
  • What does quality childcare/education look like?

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