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Foods and Hospitality


Course Description: In this course, you will learn fundamentals of baking and other methods of food preparation while gaining knowledge in the science of food and nutrition. You will also explore career paths related to these areas. We will be taking an experimental path in some labs to see what happens to baked goods when various ingredients, temperatures, equipment and methods of preparation are altered from the norm. We will learn to increase the nutritional content of our products through food handling methods, preparation techniques, as well as ingredient manipulation. We will engage in product development, learn to prepare some recipes in production method style, and analyze nutritional content via computer technology. We will develop a product line to market within the school and to any family and friends who would like to help support our program. We will also learn to become literate consumers and wise resource managers.

Essential Questions

  • What careers are available in the Food Industry and what are the requirements for entering this field?
  • How do you create a food product that is nutritious, appealing and marketable?
  • How does altering ingredients and food preparation methods affect the outcome of the product?

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