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Young Adult Living


Course Description: Students face many decisions related to their personal and family lives as they are becoming young adults. This course will help students learn to make intelligent and informed decisions related to adolescent issues, dating, family life, relationships, personal health, consumerism, housing, finances, nutrition, home management, careers and others. Activities in this class will include discussions, field trips, guest speakers, videos, and the development of a personal portfolio.

Essential Questions

  • In what ways do we grow and develop as human beings?
  • What factors contribute to the development of our personalities?
  • What is a family?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of members in today's families?
  • What are the social and psychological forces that affect our decision making process?
  • What and how can we learn from our mistakes and prior decisions?
  • How do decisions affect other aspects of our current and future lives and the lives of people around us?
  • How do good communication skills improve our relationships?
  • How do we manage conflict and stress in our lives?

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