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Teaching & Learning: Curriculum - Foreign Language


Course Descriptions - French


Course Description: This first-year course aims to provide beginning students with a solid foundation in the basic grammatical and phonetic structures of the French language, as well as an introduction to French culture through a four-skills approach that addresses speaking, reading, listening comprehension and reading.

Students will engage in conversation at the elementary level, exchanging information such as age, family, hobbies and school subjects. They will also learn how to state the day, date and time, and order in a restaurant. Students will examine the relationship of English to French through grammatical concepts such as gender and the common Latin roots of vocabulary through cognates. They will connect with other disciplines such as geography and history through exploration of the francophone world, and learn to perform basic operations in math. They will have opportunities to do research using web-based technologies and to create Powerpoint presentations.

Students will be exposed to French culture through songs, works by French artists (such as Degas, Monet and Renoir), celebrations of holidays such as Mardi Gras, and discussions on French cuisine, as well as through guest speakers. They will gain additional exposure to the language by watching films and videos in French. Additionally, they will participate in a field trip to a French play or art museum.

Essential Questions

  • What are some fundamental differences between French and English pronunciation?
  • How does the French language utilize the concept of gender in ways that the English language does not?
  • What is the difference between formal and informal speech?
  • How can one use cognates and existing vocabulary to gain meaning from a text?
  • What cultural differences exist between the United States and France and other francophone countries?

Learn more about the Grade 6 French Curriculum.

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