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Mathematics at the
Ottoson Middle School

Every sixth grade students takes a course called Impact Math at the middle school. In seventh grade, there are two different math courses. Both courses utilize the Impact Mathematics Course 2 textbook from Glencoe and follow state curriculum guidelines for seventh grade math. These courses are called Impact Math 2A and impact Math 2.

Impact 2A course continues the pacing of the sixth grade math course using a different text called IMPACT Math 2.The Impact Math 2 course also uses the IMPACT 2 Math text and is for the student who is ready for more difficult challenges in math. Impact 2 students should expect more homework and a faster pace in coursework. Your student's Sixth Grade teacher will make a recommendation during Grade 6 as to which course, Impact 2A or Impact 2, is best suited for your child. Concerns about your child's placement in mathematics for grade 8 can be addressed by contacting the Ottoson Middle School Main Office during the school year or the summer.

Impact 2A continues arithmetic skills and begins introducing Algebraic concepts. Algebra is continued in the grade 8 with impact 2B. By the end of the 8th grade students who have taken both Impact 2A and 2B would have covered approximately one-half of a year of Algebra. Their choice of mathematics in grade 9 then would be Algebra 1, which reinforces the Algebra learned at the Ottoson Middle School, and continues finishing algebraic topics. By the end of the 9th grade these students will have a solid year of Algebra, giving them the skills needed to be successful in future math courses. Geometry would be their math choice in grade 10.

Impact 2 also begins introducing Algebraic concepts but continues at a faster pace leading students to take Impact 3 in grade 8. Their choice of mathematics in grade 9 would be a Geometry course, as Impact 2-3 would have completed one year of Algebra by the end of grade 8.

Course Description - Grade 6


Course Description: All students in Grade 6 take Impact 1 mathematics. Impact math 1 begins an exciting year of mathematics that moves away from the mathematics of just adding and subtracting numbers. Mathematics has been called the "science of patterns." Recognizing and describing patterns and using patterns to make predictions are important mathematical skills. In addition, Grade 6 students will learn more about numbers by studying patterns, work with fractions and decimals and work with problems that will make sense of percents.

Exploration of graphs, analyzing data introduces variables and introduces the student to rules that lead to Algebra 1 concepts. Investigation of Geometry and measurement leads to solving equations and understanding probability.

Learn more about the Grade 6 Impact Mathematics.


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