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Course Descriptions - Grades 9-12


Course Description: This course completes a strong pre-calculus study of such topics as trigonometry; polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; sequences and series; combinatorics, probability, and statistics; and other topics in discrete mathematics.

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Course Description: Completes the pre-calculus sequence with an emphasis on elementary functions, conic, graphing theory, sequences and series. It introduces the Calculus with the topics of limits, simple derivatives and their application to functions and problem solving. Suggested Entry Criteria: Proficiency in the concepts and skills of MA3105 Honors Math III, or MA3110 Advanced Math III (as evidenced by a minimum grade of B-), or MA3215 Algebra II (as evidenced by a minimum grade of A- with teacher recommendation and the co-requisite of MA4210 Advanced Mathematical Topics).

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Course Description: This course covers the AB syllabus set by the CEEB as preparation for the Advanced Placement Test in Calculus. Success in this examination gives up to one year of college credit. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement Test at AB level or, with teacher recommendation, the upper BC level.

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