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Learning Essentials - Grade 2

Communicating, reasoning, connecting, and representing ideas are essential to your child's growth in mathematics. In second grade, students extend and solidify their understanding of number as well as their skills with addition and subtraction. Through problem solving with geometry, measurement, patters, and numbers they have many opportunities to record their mathematical thinking using pictures, numbers, and words.

HABITS OF MIND: Every student will continue to:

  • learn to value mathematics
  • become confident with mathematics
  • become an active rather than a passive learner
  • be able to communicate mathematically
  • be able to reason mathematically


We have listed some activities that should be done at home to ensure a positive, successful math experience for your child in school. These activities can be dome in informal situations for only a few minutes at a time.

  • Give your child a group of objects to count, label, measure, compare, and put in order.
  • Give your child a collection of coins to sort and count. Estimate the total cost of a shopping trip.
  • Practice adding digits on passing license plates.
  • Point out the use of numbers and shapes in the everyday environment.
  • Be sure that you have an analog clock available for your child. Practice telling time: bedtime, dinnertime, baseball, and other scheduled events.
  • Practice basic addition and subtract facts up to 20.
  • Play board games that use dice
  • Estimate: How many crayons are on the table? How many toys can you pick up in a minute?

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