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Learning Essentials - Grade 3

Students will continue to learn and use the basic addition and subtraction facts. In the third grade, we will emphasize multiplication and division of whole numbers. Students connect these new understandings to fractions, measurement, and geometry through problem solving. Communicating, reasoning, connecting, and representation are essential to your child's growth in mathematics. Recognizing that today's information and technological age requires a deeper understanding of mathematics, our goal is to provide experiences in which every child continues grow.

HABITS OF MIND: Every student will continue to:

  • learn to value mathematics
  • become confident with mathematics
  • become an active rather than a passive learner
  • be able to communicate mathematically
  • be able to reason mathematically


Listed below are some activities that could be done at home to ensure a positive, successful math experience for your child in school. These activities can be done in informal situations for a few minutes at a time.

  • Tell time on an analog clock.
  • Practice elapsed time.
  • Practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts on a daily basis.
  • Identify coins and the value of each one.
  • Add money and making change.
  • Solve real-world word problems with mathematics.
  • Strengthen computation skills by posing mental math problems.
  • Use mathematical vocabulary.

Learn more about the Grade 3 Mathematics Curriculum.


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