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Teaching & Learning: Curriculum - Mathematics


Learning Essentials - Grade 4

Students use various strategies to solve problems and represent their answers, justifying their reasoning. Proficiency with multiplication and division operations progresses. Students continue to explore fraction and decimal concepts with an emphasis on ordering and equivalency. The language of geometry evolves as students classify shapes according to their attributes. Recognizing that today's information and technological age requires a deeper understanding of mathematics, our goal is to provide experiences in which every child continues grow.

HABITS OF MIND: Every student will continue to:

  • learn to value mathematics
  • become confident with mathematics
  • become an active rather than a passive learner
  • be able to communicate mathematically
  • be able to reason mathematically


The following could be done at home to ensure a positive, successful math experience for your child in school.

  • Practice using an analog clock.
  • Find how much times passes between events.
  • Find opportunities to practice math facts. For example, estimate the total cost of items and change expected at the grocery store.
  • Solve simple problems mentally. For example, add the digits on license plates.
  • Involve children in measuring and changing the proportions of a recipe.
  • Incorporate mathematical language in daily life.

Learn more about the Grade 4 Mathematics Curriculum.


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