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Learning Essentials - Grade 5

In Fifth Grade: Students' learning will have a major emphasis on fraction, decimals, and percents. They will apply fraction and decimal concepts with a focus on ordering, equivalency, and conversions. Mastery of multiplication and division is a goal. Students will apply the language of geometry to classify, compare, and measure 2- and 3- dimensional shapes. All fifth graders will become the first evaluators of their work as they solve problems using multiple strategies and explain their reasoning.

HABITS OF MIND: Every student will continue to:

  • learn to value mathematics
  • become confident with mathematics
  • become an active rather than a passive learner
  • be able to communicate mathematically
  • be able to reason mathematically


To ensure a positive and successful math experience for your child, the following activities are suggested.

  • Find opportunities to practice math facts. For example: estimate total cost of items and change expected at the grocery store; determine the tip at a restaurant.
  • Find how much time passes between events.
  • Solve simple problems mentally. For example: add the digits on license plates; determine the sum and difference for any two-digit numbers.
  • Involve children in measuring and changing the proportions of a recipe.
  • Play card games that involve strategies.
  • Investigate math web sites.
  • Incorporate mathematical language in daily life.

Learn more about the Grade 5 Mathematics Curriculum.


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