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Director of Digital Learning & Library
Rashmi Pimprikar
[email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3745

AHS Library Media Specialist & Lead Library Teacher
Stacy Kitsis
[email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3661

OMS and Gibbs Library Media Specialist
Jennifer Lauchlan
[email protected]

Bishop Library Media Specialist
Tricia White
[email protected]

Brackett & Dallin Library Media Specialist
Amanda Troha
[email protected]

Hardy & Thompson Library Media Specialist
Laura Atlee
[email protected]

Peirce Library Media Specialist

Renae Nichols
[email protected]

Stratton Library Media Specialist
Chrissie Collins
[email protected]



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Arlington High School
Brenda Mahoney [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3578

Ottoson Middle School
Judy Uffer [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3745 x28032


Gibbs School
Ian Adler [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-9014

Bishop Elementary School
Alison Vaishnaw [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3792 (Main Office)

Brackett Elementary School
Nancy Alfonso [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-2715

Dallin Elementary School
Rebecca Aaronson [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3721 x23009

Hardy Elementary School
Danielle Jensen [email protected]
Nikki Shine - [email protected]

Phone: 781-316-3782 x2320


Peirce Elementary School
Nikki Shine

[email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3736 x2201

Stratton Elementary School
Nikki Shine [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-2542


Thompson Elementary School
Meri Wall [email protected]
Phone: 781-316-1431