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The administration and teachers of Arlington Public Schools work hard to make each school the best that it can be for you and your classmates. However, your principal and teachers can only do so much. They need your help. If you see something that is wrong or hear others talking about a problem, please let a teacher know. If you are aware of a classmate that is troubled, reach out to that classmate. Tell him or her to speak with his or her parents, a teacher, guidance department, or administrator who can help.

What to do During an Emergency

Fire ApparatusIf the fire alarm sounds, follow the instructions of your teacher. Walk quickly to the nearest exit. Follow your teacher to the assembly area where your teacher will take attendance to see if anyone is missing. Stay with your classmates and teacher at all times. If you can’t find your teacher, speak to any other teacher. If you are hurt, tell a teacher immediately.

If you hear an announcement calling for a “lockdown,” it means someone who may want to hurt others may be in the building. Follow the instructions of your teacher and quickly hide on the floor in a corner of your classroom. Be quiet and keep away from doors and windows. The teacher will turn off the lights. If you’re silent and invisible, it will be hard to find you.

Police CarIf you have a pass and are in the corridor when you hear the lockdown announcement, go to the nearest classroom. If you hear the lockdown warning while in the lavatory, go to the nearest classroom even it’s not your classroom. If you exit the lavatory and all classroom doors are closed, hide in the restroom stalls. Wait there until a teacher comes to you.

If there is a bad storm or it is unsafe to be outside, you may hear an announcement to shelter. You may be instructed to move from your classroom to the corridor away from any windows. Follow the instructions of your teacher.

If You are Sick or Injured

If you are feeling sick or if you’ve been injured, tell your teacher and ask to see the school nurse. Be sure to tell the nurse if you have any special medical needs, so they can help you.

If You are Feeling Down or Depressed

School work can put a lot of pressure on you, and that pressure may feel overwhelming at times. The school has many people who can help you. Let your parents know how you feel. Talk to a teacher or a guidance counselor. Tell a friend. You’re not alone and others can help you deal with what is bothering you.

Bullying & Cyber Bullying

Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect. If anyone speaks to you using suggestive words that make you feel uncomfortable, or someone has touched you inappropriately, report what happened to a teacher, the principal, or your mom or dad. No one has the right to touch you, and no one should touch you inappropriately. This includes classmates, teachers, or other school employees.

If someone has been picking on you, repeatedly calling you names, threatening to hurt you, or making you feel uncomfortable, tell a teacher or school administrator. If you have been beaten up or struck by anyone, tell a teacher. Bullying will not be tolerated in school. Bullies will be punished and could be expelled from the school.

If you receive mean or derogatory messages, take a deep breath and ignore them. If you become upset, get up from the computer and do something else to clear your head. If the sender approaches you in school the next day, don’t react to him or her. The bully wants to see you angry, upset, or emotional. Don’t give the bully what he or she wants. If you feel you have to say something, say “thanks for the message” with a happy face.

Kids and a laptopIf the messages continue, alert your parent or another trusted adult at home or at school. Save all messages.

If someone sends you a personal or embarrassing photo of someone, don’t pass it along. Sending photographs of a sexual nature may violate federal laws, so delete them immediately. Tell your friends they risk trouble with the police if they send the photograph to others.

If you are the subject of a page created to bully you or someone else, report the site to your parents, a teacher, or the “report abuse” link on the website.

Don’t become part of the problem. If asked to forward a mean spirited message, don’t. If you are aware of cyber bullying, but don’t do anything to stop it then you are part of the problem.