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English Language Learners Introduction

Over 33 languages (and thus, cultures and schooling experiences) are represented among Arlington's students and their families. Across the ten schools, linguistic diversity ranges from about 6% to 27%. About 11% of students in the public schools in Arlington speak a first language that is not English. Many families are literate and fluent in English and are professionals or visiting professors at local universities. Other families are in transition, may be separated from familiar customs, friends and family, and may feel isolated or confused. Over half of enrolled ELL students in the district were born in the U.S.

For additional information, please contact Carla Bruzzese, Director of English Language Learners, at 781-316-3662 or [email protected]

Director of ELL
Carla Bruzzese
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Phone: 781-316-3662

ELL Family Liaison
Heather Smith
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