1. If a student is identified as having a case of Pediculosis (nits and/or live lice), he or she will be assessed and returned to class and/or dismissed at the nurse’s discretion.

2. The nurse will assess siblings and close contacts who attend Arlington Public Schools.

3. Notification will be sent home to parents of all children in the classroom. Additional notification will be sent home at the nurse’s discretion.

4. Parents will be given information regarding treatment of head lice.

5. The student has to be checked by the nurse prior to returning to school. A student should be accompanied by his/her parent until this exam is completed.

6. If nits are found after treatment, the student may attend class at the nurse’s discretion.


Further information can be found at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health at https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2016/07/xm/head-lice.pdf