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Intervention Model


The Three Tier Model is a research based service delivery model designed to deliver reading services to K-3 students. It utilizes the skills and training of classroom teachers, reading teachers, reading coaches, and SPED staff for reading instruction. The classroom reading program will remain the core reading program for all students.

Tier I reading instruction is the comprehensive literacy program which student receives in the regular classroom setting. In addition, the classroom teachers will give supplemental, targeted support to students who are struggling to master the reading skills and concepts taught at that grade level.

Tier II is an intervention level of service for the students who have been identified as needing reading support based on district and state criteria. These students will receive an additional 30 minutes of support five times a week provided by the classroom teacher, the reading teacher, reading coaches, or SPED staff.

Tier II.5 is a more intensive level of support provided to students who have participated in at least one year of comprehensive intervention, such as Tier II, and have failed to close the gap in their reading achievement. This generally will entail a program on five times a week for 30 minutes with a targeted group of students with similar needs. The services include an appropriate mix of phonics, fluency, and comprehension based on student need. It may also involve additional weekly sessions of intervention beyond the five times a week for 30 minutes, depending on individual needs and student progress.

Tier III is the most intensive level of intervention for students who are performing at least one grade level below expectations AND have already received Tier II/II.5 or another similar level of comprehensive instruction and intervention without showing sufficient progress in reading achievement. This level of intervention occurs 5x60 minutes in addition to classroom reading instruction. Students will receive daily instruction in Wilson/OG/Fundations. Part of each session will also be devoted to fluency and reading comprehension.


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