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Teaching & Learning: Curriculum - Fine Arts


Visual Arts



  • Methods and Materials - Students will learn to use methods, tools and materials unique to the visual arts
  • Elements and Principles - Students will learn to use and understand the vocabulary of and apply the knowledge unique to the visual arts
  • Observation, Abstraction and Invention - Students will develop the skills of observation, abstraction (re-interpretation) and invention using diverse art materials
  • Creating, Responding and Revising - Students will gain critical and aesthetic understanding in order to create, respond to, and revise works of art
  • Historical and Cultural - Students will develop insight into their own growth as artists and audience members


  • How does observing and creating art inspire us to "be surprised into taking the time to look?"
    (Georgia O'Keefe)
  • How does creating and responding to art provide a means for artistic growth?

Learn more about the Grades 6-8 Visual Arts curriculum.


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