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Framework Connections

Course Descriptions - Grades 6-8


Course Description: Students continue to explore the 10 areas of health including: Injury Prevention & Personal Safety, Nutrition, Functions of the Body, Growth & Development, Illness Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention, Community Health & Safety, Self worth, Mental and Emotional Health, Environmental & Consumer Health and Physical Fitness. In grade 6 students continue to think deeper into the risk factors that compromise their health. They are also asked to practice consumer advocacy and acknowledge the role of community in promoting health and safety. Students are asked to apply knowledge each of these content areas to everyday situations.

Essential Questions:

  • What factors contribute to good health?
  • How can we utilize available resources to obtain, evaluate, and effectively make healthy decisions?
  • In what way can we access information and support systems for health related needs?

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Course Description: Students acquire knowledge and skills to address developmentally appropriate issues of puberty, reproductive anatomy, menstruation, AIDS and HIV, emotions, conflict resolution and identifying social pressures. They practice ways to resist drugs, including inhalants, experimenting and using.

Essential Questions:

  • What are the pressures in society that encourage drug use?
  • What are ways to resist internal and external pressures?
  • What are the consequences of drug use?
  • What are the facts and knowledge needed in sexual development?
  • How do emotions affect our lives?
  • How do our decisions affect sexual health?

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Course Description: Students acquire knowledge and skills to address the issues of pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections, decision making, communication, dating violence and mediation. They practice resisting pressure to use tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, alcohol and other drugs and evaluate information on the costs and consequences of drug use. They identify supports that encourage resistance to drug use.

Essential Questions:

  • What are the benefits and consequences of drug use?
  • What are ways to resist drug use and gain support for that choice?
  • What are the responsibilities when sexually active?
  • What communication skills are effective for reducing violence?
  • What are normal emotions and what are those that are destructive?
  • What are the danger signs in unhealthy relationships?

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