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Teaching & Learning: Curriculum - Science



In science classes at all levels, Arlington students learn about the natural and physical worlds using grade-appropriate curriculum and investigations. Curriculum has been developed to fulfill the expectations of the Massachusetts Science and Technology/ Engineering Curriculum Framework. The elementary science program is built around Science and Technology for Children (STC) kits that provide hands-on opportunities for inquiry-based experimentation and observations. Students explore weather, life cycles, plant growth, ecosystems, electricity, and related topics through their work with the kits. Additional units cover the solar system, phases of the moon, simple and complex machines, climate, electromagnets, and major biomes of the world. Several themes such as energy, adaptation, and climate spiral through the curriculum and are revisited in grade six middle school science classes.

The grade seven and eight middle school science classes provide an introduction to life sciences and physical science, including hands-on investigations with microscopy and physics equipment. Students are prepared for the high school science curriculum, which is offered at college preparatory, advanced, and honors levels. Freshman study either earth and physical science or physical science, and then move on to courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. A variety of specialized electives including environmental science, anatomy and physiology, oceanography, and engineering are also available. Advanced Placement courses are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics.


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