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Design Process Presentation
Marble Coaster
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Course Descriptions - Grades 6-8

Technology Exploration


Course Description: Exploratory introduction to modern engineering technology. Through a series of units students will design, construct and evaluate a product i.e.; towers, bridges slides and coasters. Student will gain knowledge of the forces involved in today's society.

Essential Questions

  • How does technology effect everyday life?
  • What are the dynamics of teamwork in solving problems?
  • Is all technology advancing for the betterment of mankind?
  • Which area of new technology will affect society the most?
  • Estimate the number of people that are affected by technology?
  • Can using a design process be important in solving problems?

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Course Description: Egg Slide. The 6 the grade students will design, build, test, evaluate, and market a vehicle that will transport an egg down an incline plan without breaking.

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Course Description: The students will design, build, evaluate, and market (time permitting) a manufactured product to their peers. The activity choice will be a CD Rack or a clock.

Essential Questions

  • Safe use of tools and machines.
  • Develop safe and proper work habits in the manufacturing lab.
  • The students will improve their problem solving skills utilizing the engineering/design process.
  • Understand custom vs. mass-produced products.
  • Understand the different processes that are used to produce a finished product.

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Course Description: The 7th or 8th students will explore many different areas that include: Communications, Road Transportation, Environmental Management, Laser & fiber Optics, Aerospace, Graphic design, Engineering Structures, Pneumatics, Alternate Energy, Manufacturing & Automation, and Mechanisms.

Essential Questions

  • How will the content area effect our environment?
  • How will the content area impact the future?
  • What type of careers are explored in your content area?
  • How will the content area impact society?
  • How a computer is used to search, modify, and distribute information in a content area?

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