Annual School Improvement Plans Identify Initiatives and Actions that Support Continuous Improvement

Every year, each principal leads a team of educators and Parent Advisory Council members through a process that results in the creation of a School Improvement Plan that is specific to their school. Working on these plans is an opportunity for each school to assess how they are doing in relation to the APS Strategic Priorities and the previous year’s Improvement Plan. The team’s goal is to identify areas where improvement is needed and document objectives and actions to address these. 

Each plan includes the individual school values, vision, and mission statements, a description of the data that informed the identification of the areas to be addressed, and the Strategic Objectives, Initiatives, and Actions that the school will take. The plans are reviewed at the individual school level, by the APS Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, and then presented to the School Committee. The approved plans are posted on each school’s website.

The School Improvement Plans are an important component to ensure continuous improvement within all Arlington schools and ensure parent involvement in goal setting and initiatives. To find your school’s Plan, go to the Arlington Public Schools website and find and click on the name of your school in the list of Schools. This takes you to your school’s home page, where you will find a link to the School Improvement Plan. On the elementary and middle school home pages, locate the School Improvement Plan icon just below the large picture. Clicking on this icon brings you to the plan. On the AHS home page, scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find the School Improvement Plan 22-23 link.   If you have comments or questions after reviewing the Plan, please reach out to your school principal. And consider joining your school’s Parent Advisory Council in the future if you would like to be part of the process.