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The Arlington Public Schools provides a comprehensive array of programs and services from preschool through grades 12 designed to address the needs of eligible students who have a disability and require specially designed instruction.


LAST CALL (survey closes 9/29): If you graduated during the 2021-2022 SY (last school year) and were eligible for an IEP at the time of your graduation, the Arlington Public Schools Special Education Department needs your help!


Now that you have been out in the world for a while, we want to hear how you are doing so we can make high school a better place for all our students. 

Were you able to find a job?  

Did you continue your education after high school?

Do you have suggestions for your former high school?

We’d love to know.

Please complete our survey! There are a few options:

  1. Answer the survey online using this survey link:
  2. Call Special Education Office at (781) 316 - 3533 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. An administrative will go online to get the survey. Then they will ask you the survey questions while you’re on the phone, and complete the survey with you. 
  3. If you would rather fill out the survey with someone in person, please come visit us in the District Office, located on the 6th floor of Arlington High School, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Monday through Thursday. Ask to speak with an administrative assistant.


Answering the survey questions will take you about 5 minutes. Please complete the survey online, mail it to us, call us, or come visit us in person no later than September 15, 2023.

Arlington Public Schools recently participated in a Tiered Focus Monitoring Review (TFM) conducted by the Department's Office of Public School Monitoring (PSM). The purpose of the Tiered Focus Monitoring Review is to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements focusing on special education and civil rights. 

Each school district, charter school, vocational school, and virtual school undergoes a Tiered Focused Monitoring Review every three years. The statewide Tiered Focused Monitoring cycle is posted at https://www.doe.mass.edu/psm/tfm/6yrcycle.htmlRegularly monitored standards are divided into two groups, known as Group A Universal Standards and Group B Universal Standards. Districts and schools are monitored on an alternate set of Universal Standards every three years in the areas of Special Education (SE), Civil Rights Methods of Administration and Other General Education Requirements (CR), selected requirements from the MA Board of Education's Physical Restraint regulations, Student Learning Time regulations, and various requirements under other federal and state laws. 

The Department is pleased to report that the district was found to be in compliance with all criteria reviewed; no corrective action is required at this time.


Get the answers you need. It's Free! It's confidential. Multilingual.

Dial 2-1-1. Or search online MASS 211.
Youth Services, Elder Care, Fitness, Food, Escape Violence, Housing, Income Assistance, Legal Aid, LGBTQ, Medical Care, and Insurance, Mental Health, Nutrition, Parenting, Safety Equipment, Sexual and Health Testing, Special Health Care Needs, Transportation, Utilities, Work.

Callers can use Mass Relay (7-1-1). 7-1-1 is the single, toll-free, nationwide number that gives everyone access to relay services. People can simply dial 7-1-1 from any phone to reach someone who uses a standard phone or a TTY. An operator will relay verbatim the conversation between the parties.

  • You can also chat with us online at mass211.org
  • Call 2-1-1 or 1-877-211-6277
  • Runaway Assistance (Police Officers) ext 11
  • Childcare ext 23
  • Call2Talk (Mental Health Line) ext 25
  • Child Requiring Assistance ext 24
  • Disaster ext 20

Thank you very much and we appreciate everyone's efforts to keep our community healthy.

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Alison Elmer
[email protected]
Phone: 781-316-3533

Main Office: 781-316-3530
Fax: 781-316-3647

Mailing Address
Arlington High School
Special Education Dept, 6th Floor
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476

Special Education Coordinators

High School: Amy Forsythe
[email protected] 

Middle School: Kelley Bostwick [email protected] 

Elementary (Bishop, Peirce, & Stratton):  Kristin Burke
[email protected]

Elementary (Dallin & Thompson): Chris Carlson [email protected] 

Elementary (Brackett & Hardy): Louisa Popkin
[email protected]

Early Childhood: Joyce Schlenger
[email protected]

Out of District: Chris Carlson
[email protected]