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District Vision and Strategic Priorities


Vision Statement

The vision of the Arlington Public Schools is to be an equitable educational community where all learners feel a sense of belonging, experience growth and joy, and are empowered to shape their own futures and contribute to a better world.

Mission Statement


The Arlington Public Schools focuses on the whole child to create inclusive and innovative learning opportunities for all students, values diverse identities and ways of learning, prepares all staff to maintain high expectations while providing necessary supports, and sustains collaborative partnerships with families and the community.


Strategic Priority 1: Ensuring Equity and Excellence


The Arlington Public Schools will ensure equity, excellence, and access to rigorous learning experiences for all students. All graduates will be prepared to achieve their choices of post-secondary education, career, and community contribution. 


Strategic Priority 2: Valuing All Staff


The Arlington Public Schools will recruit and retain an excellent and diverse workforce by creating a collaborative and supportive culture for all staff; providing high-quality and relevant professional development; expanding opportunities for leadership and shared decision-making; and prioritizing representation, diverse perspectives, and expertise. 


Strategic Priority 3: Improving Infrastructure, Operations, and Sustainability


The Arlington Public Schools will maintain a system of schools that is safe, well-maintained, sustainable, and fiscally responsible, with the appropriate tools and resources to support best educational practices and an optimum teaching and learning environment.


Strategic Priority 4: Sustaining Collaborative Partnerships


The Arlington Public Schools will partner collaboratively with families in meeting the educational needs of all students; facilitate consistent two-way communication; and provide timely, transparent, relevant, and accessible information to all stakeholders.


APS Portrait of a Graduate


Vision of the Student as a Learner

All APS Graduates will have experienced a coherent curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and that supports the development of critical thinking, social-emotional and relationship skills. Students are supported in their development by highly qualified teachers, who engage in continuous professional learning. This vision informs the strategic initiatives, instructional decisions and budget requests in the multi-year plan.

These characteristics will be demonstrated by student’s ability to:

  • work independently and collaboratively
  • observe, analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources to enhance existing understandings and construct new knowledge
  • demonstrate perseverance by using repeated reasoning and inquiry
  • participate in rigorous, focused discourse
  • develop and defend arguments based on evidence and respectfully consider different perspectives
  • create and critique original work


Vision of the Student as a Global Citizen

Students will strive to be empathic, responsible, active members of a local and global community who are aware of the role that bias and prejudice play in society, as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • speak with and listen to others in a manner that is respectful of multiple perspectives
  • cultivate and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups
  • develop self-awareness and self-understanding
  • think critically and reflect upon choices and their impact on others
  • participate as a consumer of and contributor to the cultural and civic life of local and global communities