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Welcome to the new Teaching & Learning website.

The Arlington Public Schools place a significant emphasis on better understanding and utilizing Standards Based Learning throughout all grades. The results of this endeavor have been enlightening and beneficial to our students and teaching staff.

No longer are terms such as "standards based," "common assessments," "essential standards," and "best practices" considered foreign catch-phrases and concepts. Rather, they have become monthly topics at our town-wide, professional development workshops. These terms are active practices in every classroom.

Congratulations to the staff of the Arlington Public Schools for embracing these town-wide initiatives. Our students will be well prepared for educational success in the 21st century.

The Massachusetts Department of Education has mandated certain subject matter and curriculum into its frameworks. This is clearly reflected throughout this site. Following and applying mandates are not challenges for our educators. They are our focus. Our teachers continuously find innovative and effective educational experiences that teach and reach all students.

The Curriculum Section of the Arlington Public Schools Teaching and Learning website has been developed to share with teachers and parents. Our schools are proud of this tremendous, town-wide curriculum based effort.

We hope that you find the time to explore the unique features that each curricula area has to offer. Whether you are inquiring about specific information or simply browsing our curriculum section, there is much to enjoy!