AHS Visual Arts Teacher Selected for the Aiducatius Creativity Internship in The Gambia

This June, AHS Visual Arts teacher Adam Gooder will have the unique and exciting opportunity to be part of a cultural exchange at St. Martin’s School in The Gambia. Mr. Gooder will join a small group of others from around the world who will take part in Aiducatius Creativity Internship offered through the Educatius. It is this organization that works with AHS International Exchange Program Coordinator Judy Duffy to bring global students to study here. 

Ms. Duffy suggested that someone from the Visual Arts department should apply for the summer internship, and Mr. Gooder was inspired to do so after watching an Aiducatius video. He describes himself as someone who believes that “...children all over the world are interesting–they have fresh ideas, care about the future, and want to build relationships.” He thinks that his “...enthusiasm, interest in culturally responsive education, belief in the importance of human connection, and interest in working with a teacher in another part of the world” came through in his application and led to his acceptance.  

St. Martin’s School, located in Kartong, The Gambia, serves over a thousand students. The internship is described by Educatius as “...a two-week creativity experience…where selected participants will lead creative and artistic activities with students and teachers. The program also includes visits to local artisans, and immersion in the vibrant and welcoming culture of this west African Nation.”

Mr. Gooder has an extensive educational and professional background in the arts. He holds an MFA from Lesley College of Art and Design, an MAT from Simmons University, and a BA from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University. He has come to Arlington High School to teach Animation, Photography, and Filmmaking, after over a decade of experience teaching these subjects at Concord-Carlisle and Franklin High Schools. Before that, he taught at the New England Institute of Art, MassArt, and the Philadelphia Art Institute.

Mr. Gooder describes himself as a teacher who gets “...sheer enjoyment out of working with students to create art” and “loves seeing students work with their hands, build things and meaning collaboratively, and express themselves.” The internship, which Educatius says “...highlights the power of education and creativity to connect people across diverse cultures and borders” should be a perfect fit. Congratulations Mr. Gooder!


Students at St. Martin’s School in Kartong, The Gambia, taken from the announcement of the Aiducatius Internship by Educatius in 2023.