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License Renewal

In order to teach in Massachusetts, all teachers must have a current Massachusetts educator license. Depending on your level of teaching experience, you may be qualified for different types of licenses. You can find out more about these levels of licensure by clicking on the link below.

Types of Licenses - Massachusetts Department of Education

Once you have obtained a professional educator license in Massachusetts, you must renew your license every 5 years in order to keep it up to date. This process is commonly known as recertification or relicensure. The following sections will help guide you through the process of recertification.

As you prepare to recertify, there are a few helpful steps you may wish to follow.

The below link contains a PDF file which may be printed out. These worksheets should be used to help you keep track of all of your professional development activities. It includes sheets for your original certification, and any additional certifications you wish to keep current. The worksheets aid you in organizing your professional development into the content and pedagogy categories. Additionally, this information will be invaluable in the event that your application for recertification is audited.

Activity Record - Massachusetts Department of Education

During the five-year increments you are working towards recertification, you are expected to maintain an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP - pronounced "ip-dip"). The link below is a PDF file of a blank IPDP for you to print out and maintain during the five years. It should be updated regularly and signed by your supervisor at the indicated time frame.

Sample Individual Professional Development Plan - Massachusetts Department of Education

Once you are ready to apply for recertification, there are two ways to complete this process. The most straightforward approach is to apply online. The links below will assist you in setting up a registration account, accessing ELAR and completing your recertification online.

Education Licensure and Recertification (ELAR) is an excellent way to recertify as it takes only minutes to complete the form(s) and hit the submit button, HOWEVER in order to utilize the benefits of ELAR you must first create an account in the DOE Security Portal. Click the link below if you need to create an account as this will direct you to the DOE User Registration page.

DOE User Registration (ONLINE FORM) - Massachusetts Department of Education

Once you have registered with the Department of Education online you can access your account at anytime and for a variety of reasons. If you have registered with the DOE online click below to be taken to the DOE Security Portal Page. After entering your Log-in and Password you will be directed to a page that has a variety of options for you to choose from. For recertification purposes you will be selecting one of the first two options.

**Please note: It is best to copy down your log-in and password as it is sometimes difficult to retrieve this information online.**

ELAR Recertification Application (ONLINE FORM) - Massachusetts Department of Education

The other method of recertification is to complete the form and mail it in to the Department of Education. The link below is the PDF form of the application for you to fill out and send in.

Application for Renewal of Professional License - Massachusetts Department of Education

Browse the links below for additional information pertaining to recertification.

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