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High School Clubs and Contests

Computer Club

Advisor – Mr. Jones [email protected]

Share an interest in computers with fellow members and compete in computer contests. See schedule and meeting details.

Robotics Club

Advisor – Mr. Vatan [email protected]

We are a group of students that enjoys building, programming, and designing robots. We compete in the First Tech Competition, where we design, build, and program robots to compete against other teams around the U.S. and the world. See schedule and meeting details.


Advisor – Mr. Vatan [email protected]

The AHS STEAM Team fosters interdisciplinary cooperation between several creative electives and core classes at the school. The club will pursue increasingly ambitious STEAM-related projects using all available resources with representatives from CADD, art, math, science, music technology, woodworking, and Computer Sciences.

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The complete list of AHS Clubs can be found here or contact Joanna Begin at [email protected] for more information.