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Learning Outside School

Enrichment Activities

Programming and Logical Thinking

  • Using drag-and-drop blocks, these fun games teach students about programming concepts like sequences, conditionals (if ... then), and loops (repeating statements).

  • Dedicated to spreading computer sciences approaches and skills to all children, offers a wide variety of free, web-based activities for many age levels.

  • A captivating game that teaches programming concepts like conditionals (if ... then) and loops (repeating statements) through a series of puzzles.

  • Kodable is an adventure game where young students use logical thinking and computer science concepts to solve the levels. Available in the iTunes store for iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

  • Suitable for older children, Lightbot introduces logical thinking and computer science concepts like loops (repeating statements) and functions (blocks of reusable code) while students guide a little robot through challenging puzzles. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android.


  • Also used in our curriculum, Scratch provides a drag-and-drop language for creating animations, music videos, games, stories, and artwork.

  • A simplified version of Scratch for younger students. Available as an app for iPad, Android, Chromebook, and Kindle Fire.

  • Students learn the Swift programming language by solving engaging puzzles in a 3D world. Available only for iPad.

  • Students can create 3D shapes suitable for printing by using drawing tools or by coding. In addition, TinkerCAD offers simulations that teach electronics.

Digital Citizenship