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Arlington High School

Students at Arlington High School focus on five core values and habits of mind as they pursue their secondary education: integrity, accountability and responsibility, communication, respect and teamwork. Teachers, counselors, and coaches structure their interactions with students to emphasize these values and habits of mind. The AHS campus exudes an atmosphere of tolerance, support, and social conscience, both during school and at all sporting events and student activities, a clear indicator that AHS students are on their way to becoming active participants in a diverse and democratic society.

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Arlington High School
Matthew Janger, Principal
[email protected]

William McCarthy, Asst. Principal
[email protected]

House Deans
Paul McKnight, Collomb House
[email protected]

Veronica Tivnan, Downs House
[email protected]

Robert DiLoreto, Fusco House
[email protected]

Arlington High School
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476

Main Office: 781-316-3594
Fax: 781-316-3504
Report an Absence 781-316-3573
Counseling: 781-316-3607
Nurse: 781-316-3563

School Hours
8:30am-2:56pm Monday-Friday

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