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Registration FAQ's

Am I required to complete the New Student Registration form?
A New Student Registration Form submission is required for new students coming to Arlington Public Schools for the first time, Pre-K students looking to attend Kindergarten in the Fall, and students who previously attended Arlington Public Schools and who are returning to the district.

How can I get the New Student Registration form?
All Registration forms for Arlington Public Schools can be accessed on the specific year's Registration Page on the websites navigation page to the right. 
(*Please note, at certain points in the year we have more than one form available to families. If you are uncertain about which form to use, please contact the Registration Office at [email protected]. If you accidentally complete the incorrect year's form your record will be discarded and you will need to start over.)
Next, create an account using PowerSchool Enrollment.
(*Please note, If you already have an account, use your existing log in account to access the registration form for the academic year. PowerSchool Enrollment account is completely separate from the PowerSchool SIS Parent Portal account.
For support with creating a parent account for Enrollment or for issues logging in with an existing account, please contact the Registration Office, [email protected].
How do I register my student for Preschool?
Details on Pre-K Registration, the lottery brochure, can be found on the Menotomy Preschool Website
Does the application need to be completed in one sitting?
No. You are able to save and come back to the form to complete it at a later time.
Can I edit a registration form following submission?
Yes, you can access a pending registration via your enrollment portal if you are missing documents or need to alter any information entered. For instructions on how to edit forms, please click here. Please note, registration forms are locked for edits following Approval from the registration team. If you need to make any changes email [email protected]
What types of questions will be on the form?
    • Student Enrollment Information: Family Demographics, Emergency Contacts, Health Questionnaires and Student Permissions, Education History and a Home Language Survey. 

Do I need to provide documentation?
Yes, you will need to provide supporting documentation to prove residence in Arlington, to verify your child(ren)'s age, acknowledge compliance with health regulations to ensure appropriate enrollment. Please refer to the Registration Checklist for details on type of documentation that is acceptable. It is recommended that the required documents are gathered before filling out the registration form.  
What types of files are accepted for these documents?
We can accept scanned files (PDF) or JPEG images. There are several PDF scanner apps available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store if you do not have access to a scanner.  Please ensure that the information in the documents you provide are clear and legible.  If the documents are not clear, you may be asked to either rescan or provide another image of the documents.

What if I just moved into Arlington? What residency documents do you accept?
Proof of Residency Documentation from List A:
If you have just moved into Arlington and are unable to obtain a lease or a deed to your new place of residence, please contact the Registration Office via email: [email protected] and a member of the team will be able to assist you with what type of documentation we can accept as Proof of Residency from List A.

Proof of Residency Documentation from List B:
If you have just moved into Arlington, most times you will not have access to a most recent electric bill of your new address.  Usually, utility companies will provide you with a Letter of Confirmation of Services.  This letter will have both your name and new address on it, along with the effective start date.  We can accept this document and a Proof of Residency from List B.  In the event that your utilities are covered under your lease/rental agreement, you can also provide a Letter of Confirmation of Services for a wireless internet service provider (i.e. Verizon, Comcast, RCN). This letter must include your name, new address and effective date.

For further questions on documentation that can be accepted if you just moved into Arlington, please contact the Registration Office at [email protected].

How do I upload a document?
While filling out the form, there will be areas where you will be instructed to upload specific documentations like proof of residency, birth certifications, or immunization records. Regardless of whether you are accessing the form from a computer or mobile device, the form will allow you to upload documentation as needed.

What if I would like to drop off my registration documents to the Registration Office?
You are welcome to bring your registration documents to the Registration Office
14 Millbrook Drive
Arlington, MA 02476
The Welcome Center in the Central Administrative Office
Please make sure the following is completed before you drop off your documents:

1. Your student’s First Name, Last Name, and DOB are clearly written on the documents you are providing.
2. We strongly recommend that you provide copies, but if you are unable to do so please make sure that our team is aware that you have submitted original copies. 

What if I am dropping off Original Copies of documents? How will I get them back?
Original documents can be returned to you once the Registration team scans the records into the enrollment record. Please make sure the documents submitted are clearly identified as the original version and note very clearly that they need to be returned along with the return address.
If you are unable to provide a note with these documents that need to be returned to you, please email the Registration Office, [email protected] indicating which documents you will need returned to you and to what address.

What if I do NOT have my Address verification documents, or other required documents?
If you do not have address verification documents or birth certificate documents at the time your are filling out the form, you will still be able to submit the form. However, your form will not be complete until all required documents are submitted.
If you do not have the documents at the time you submit the form, a member of the Registration Office will contact you. All documents can be emailed to [email protected].

What if my child attended Arlington Public Schools during the previous academic year, do I still need to
complete the New Student Registration form?
Yes, according to Arlington Public school procedures, we require re-enrolling families (families that did not complete the previous school year) to complete a New Student Registration form when returning to the district.

Once you begin the form, you will be asked to select a Student Type from a drop down list. You may select "Registration for Student Previously Attended an Arlington School".

What if my child attended Menotomy Preschool, will I need to complete the New Student Registration?
Yes, if your child is in the Pre-K program at Menotomy, you are required to complete a New Student Registration form for Kindergarten.

Once you begin the form, after you identify your child as "Kindergarten Registration for Existing Menotomy Preschool Student" you will be prompted to complete an abbreviated or summarized version of the form for this year. As your child has already gone through our system once with New Student Registration for the Preschool we only need certain data points updated and do not need you to complete the entire registration form once again that was submitted last year.

If I am having connectivity issues how can I be helped to fill out the form?
If you are having connectivity issues with the New Student Registration form please try the following steps:
1. Please try to access the form on a computer/laptop that has a Chrome browser installed.
2. If you encounter any issues using Chrome, recommend trying a different browser, either Firefox or Safari, and see if you experience the same issues..
Note: Please do NOT use Internet Explorer as our forms do not support this browser.
3. If this does not work, please try to access the form on a different device (i.e. tablet, chrome book), or on your mobile phone.
4. Check your internet connectivity, and if you continue to experience issues, please try rebooting your router/internet modem and/or calling your internet provider
5. If you have tried all of these steps above and are still having issues, please contact the Registration Office via email at [email protected].

I am on the form and I am having difficulties.
Throughout the form you will find certain answers are required. Please ensure that you have answered all questions marked as required. We have tried our best to make only the most important questions as defined by District Leadership required fields.

*Please note, you will not be able to submit your form if any required questions were not answered. If you are finding that you cannot submit your form, please go to the summary page (found by choosing the "Summary" tab on the left hand column of the form). If you have missed any required questions, the summary page will display a red circle identifying that some were missed. You can click on the red circle to return to that page and complete the missing questions.

If you encounter any issues with required fields that prevent you from submitting the form; please contact the Registration Office at [email protected].

My family lives in a "Buffer Zone". How will I find out my child's school assignment?
Students who live in buffer zones will be assigned to their school by the Superintendent. You will receive a notice of your buffer zone assignment through the communications via PowerSchool Enrollment. To the extent possible, students will be assigned to their school of preference. If the primary selection was not chosen, parents will have the option to have their child placed on a waitlist for their preferred school. If there is more than one waitlist application on a particular date, the waitlist will be determined by the date of the registration and then by lottery. For more information on buffer zones, please visit this link.