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Department Overview

The integrated Town and School Information Technology Department was created by the 2007 Town Meeting. The changes in the Town bylaw provided that the functions of the Department fell into three broad categories:

1. Town and School desktop and server hardware, networking, telecommunications, and software infrastructure support
2. Town and School administrative applications, implementation, training, and support; and 3. School Academic applications implementation, training, and support.

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for supporting, implementing, and upgrading over 1,000 personal computers, 150 Cellular PDA's, over 200 printers, 5,500 Tablets and 25 resident and hosted servers, across Town and School Departments. Also under the purview of the IT Department is the Town and School network infrastructure, including ACMi video network and the management of over 125 network switches, 25 VOIP Telephone switches, 750 Phones, and 600 wireless access points. IT also manages a portfolio of applications including MUNIS ERP software, APS student information systems, security and video, web mapping, online payment collections and numerous Town and School

Below are examples of the technologies currently in use in the district.

Service Management System - In an effort to provide a higher level of technical support to the district, a web-based help desk has been implemented, eliminating the need for users to fill out paper work orders or phone in their requests for technical assistance. Users are able to log into the help desk from any computer with an internet connection, including their homes. Once a request has been submitted, the help desk automatically generates an email notification to the appropriate technician. Users receive automated email confirmation of their submission, as well as, progress updates from the technicians. Users are able to log into the help desk at any time to communicate with the technician and are able to track the progress and resolution to all their requests.

Student Information System - PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that provides teachers and administrators real-time access to course assignments, classroom rosters, seating plans, student attendance and grading. Click here to login to PowerSchool