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Placement and Leveling

During the middle school years, students will experience significant changes in their ability to reason mathematically and think abstractly. The middle school mathematics program serves as a transition between a general elementary program and a more specialized high school program. It is important for students to acquire conceptual understanding and confidence in mathematical skills during the middle school years since all Arlington students are required to take three years of mathematics in high school. The following is an explanation of the middle school mathematics program which places it in perspective between the elementary and high school programs.

All middle school mathematics courses are aligned with the 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics. Each course is integrated in that there is a blend of topics from algebra, geometry, and data analysis. The aim of this integrated approach is to present mathematics as a cohesive whole, while emphasizing key mathematical practices such as reasoning, problem solving, and modeling.

The three videos below range in topics from pathways through high school, Math Support, and computer science. I would highly recommend starting with the Intro and Pathways video prior to moving to the others. If there are questions, please feel free to reach out at [email protected].

Mathematics Course Recommendations

Enrollment in mathematics receives a great deal of attention. The intent of the math department is to ensure that all parents and students are informed of the criteria used to determine student recommendations for placement. Teachers, students, and parents should be aware that there is movement across levels in mathematics courses along the way. Throughout the year, students take several common assessments, including initial diagnostics, midyear exam, final exam and the state exam, the MCAS. This data, as well as teacher and parent recommendations factor into the placements. Placement decisions are typically made in the spring. You will receive more information at that time.