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News Media

Information for the News Media

The news media plays an important role during an emergency. The news media can broadcast important information to parents and guardians, students, teachers, and the community at large. Reporters should contact the Arlington Public Schools Superintendent to obtain official information regarding any incident within the district.

IPublic Information Officer Briefs the News Mediaf an incident occurs within the school district, the Superintendent will designate a spokesperson to make public statements to the news media. Others may be assigned to coordinate requests for interviews, to prepare press releases, and to assist with the district's communications needs.

We ask representative of the news media to respect the privacy of school children and others involved in an incident. Please do not enter schools without first obtaining permission from the school’s principal.

To obtain information about Arlington Public Schools, please contact the Superintendent's office. Please provide your name and contact information including telephone numbers and email address, so that we may contact you or send you press releases.

A directory of information for Arlington Public Schools is available from the Massachusetts Department of Education's website.

Contact Information

Click here to obtain District Administration contact information.

  • Follow the instructions of police and fire officials and do not impede the flow of traffic around schools.
  • Contact the Superintendent's office for official information and to request an interview.
  • Please do not disturb the learning environment.
  • Please respect the privacy of those involved.